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VFP Therapies innovative approach


The company's know-how is based on an innovative technology which allows the so-called vectorization of ‘smart drugs'. Such smart drugs are administered and carried within the patient's body in form of carrier, i.e. an inactive ingredient called bioprecursor.


The relevant molecules are so able to reach the central nervous system and more specifically the brain, while generating minor side effects outside the brain. Once in the brain, they become active and are then selectively acting on biological sites and thereby fulfill their role.


The innovative step itself is lying in the ability of the vectorization technology to get round the blood-brain-barrier.
The blood-brain-barrier is a major fence which is protecting the brain from the intrusion of exogenous chemicals such as drugs. By and large, when a currently available drug is injected, only a small proportion of it is actually able to go through the blood-brain-barrier. For an active ingredient to reach the brain in significant amounts, the sole way is to lift the amount of injected drug. This obviously leads to major side effects due to the interaction between the active ingredient and peripheral bioreceptors.


VFP Therapies aim is to reduce such side effects by directing the active ingredients to the sole sites, in the brain, where they are actually needed.


For example, when symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are treated peripheral effects do appear within a period of one to two years. The treatment has then to be discontinued to the detriment of the patient's comfort and social sustainability.


Specifically in the domain of Alzheimer's disease, the products currently under development at VFP Therapies will nominally compete with drugs available in the market.


The competitive advantage of VFP Therapies designed products lies in the fact that they will be administered in significantly lower amounts and hence induce minor side effects for the patient, who will be able to pursue the treatment for a long and longer period of time.

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